Class times

We meet in Lille Skensved, Denmark.

A non-binding and free trial training is possible at any time after registration.

Chief Instructor

Sensei Helge Grosch, Renshi, (3rd Dan)

Dr. PhD

  • Budop├Ądagoge (1. Grade/Practitioner)
  • Master student (Sandan, Renshi, Menkyo Shoden) of Kaiso Dr. J.-M. Wolters (7. Dan Hanshi, Soke)
  • Shoto-Kempo-Ryu since 2007

Helge Grosch is supported by Julia Grosch (2nd Dan, Instructor license F).


The dojo is located in Lille Skensved, Denmark.

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Direction: Sensei Dr. Helge Grosch (3rd Dan)

Phone: +45 3133 1860